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4-methoxyphenol acetic acid glacial acetone activated charcoal or carbon adipic acid aluminium glycinate aluminium magnesium silicate aluminum chloride aluminum chlorohydrate aluminum sulphate ammonium alum ammonium bicarbonate ammonium bromide ammonium carbonate ammonium chloride ammonium molybdate ammonium persulfate ammonium phosphate ammonium sulfate arsanilic acid barium calcium srontium peroxide barium chloride barium sulfate benzoic acid benzyl alcohol benzyl benzoate bismuth citrate bismuth subcarbonate bismuth subgallate bismuth subsalicylate borax sodium borate boric acid butyl gallate butylated hydroxyanisole butylated hydroxytoluene calamine calcium acetate calcium butyrate calcium carbonate calcium chloride calcium citrate calcium disodium edetate calcium dobesilate monohydrate calcium gluceptate or calcium glucoheptonate calcium gluconate calcium glycerophosphate calcium glycinate calcium hydroxide calcium lactate calcium lactobionate calcium levulinate calcium nitrate nitrite calcium oxide calcium phosphate calcium polystyrene sulfonate calcium propionate calcium saccharate calcium sulfate calcium undecylenate carbamide peroxide carbasalate calcium carmellose carmellose calcium carmellose sodium cellulose acetate ceric ammonium nitrate chromic chloride chromium picolinate citric acid clove oil cobalt acetate cobalt chloride copper gluconate copper oxide copper sulfate cupric chloride dihydroxyalumibum aminoacetate dihydroxyaluminum sodium carbonate dimeticone dodecyl gallate dried aluminium phosphate encapsulated fumaric acid encapsulated or coated potassium chloride ethyl gallate ethyl oleate ferric ammonium citrate ferric chloride ferric nitrate nonahydrate ferric oxide ferric sulfate ferrous fumarate ferrous sulfate formaldehyde solution fumaric acid gallic acid gentian violet gluconolactone glucuronolactone glycerol glycerol monooleate glycerol monostearate guar gum heavy bismuth subnitrate hyaluronic acid hydrogenated soybean oil hydrous benzoyl peroxide iron sucrose iron sulfide isatoic anhydride kaolin lactic acid lactitol lactobionic acid lithium carbonate lithium citrate 4-methoxyphenol magnesium acetate magnesium sodium zinc peroxide magnesium stearate magnesium sulfate magnesium sulphate magnesium trisilicate maize or corn starch maleic acid malic acid maltobionic acid manganese chloride manganese gluconate manganese glycerophosphate manganese sulfate methyl gallate methyl hydroxybenzoate methyl salicylate methylene blue methylene chloride mineral oil & light n heavy liquid paraffin mono and di-glycerides myo inositol octyl gallate octyldodecanol oleic acid phenolphthalein phenylethyl alcohol phenylmercuric acetate phenylmercuric nitrate phosphoric acid picric acid polysorbate 80 polyvinyl acetate polyvinyl alcohol potassium acetate potassium alum potassium benzoate potassium bicarbonate potassium bitartrate potassium bromide potassium carbonate potassium chloride potassium citrate potassium gluconate potassium hydrogen aspartate potassium hydroxide pellets potassium iodate potassium iodide potassium metabisulphite potassium nitrate nitrite potassium oleate potassium permanganate potassium phosphate potassium propionate potassium saccharate potassium sodium tartrate potassium sorbate potassium sulphate povidone propionic acid propyl gallate propylene carbonate propylene glycol resorcinol saccharin saccharin sodium selenious acid selenium sulfide skatole soda lime sodium acetate sodium alginate sodium benzoate sodium bicarbonate sodium bromate sodium bromide sodium butyrate sodium caprylate sodium carbonate sodium chloride sodium citrate sodium diacetate sodium feredetate sodium fluoride sodium formaldehyde bisulfite sodium formate sodium gluconate sodium glycerophosphate sodium hyaluronate sodium hydroxide sodium iodide sodium lactate sodium lactobionate sodium lauryl sulfate sodium metabisulphite sodium methylparaben sodium molybdate sodium monofluorophosphate sodium nitrite & nitrate sodium oleate sodium perborate sodium phosphate sodium picosulfate sodium propionate sodium salicylate sodium selenate sodium selenite sodium starch glycolate sodium stibogluconate sodium succinate sodium sulfide sodium sulphate sodium sulphite sodium tartrate sodium thiosulfate sodium thiosulphate sodiumphosphate-mono-di-tri-basic sorbic acid soybean oil stannous chloride stannous fluoride stearic acid strontium chloride succinic acid talc dusting powder and purified talc tartaric acid taurine tbhq tertiary butyl hydroperoxide or tbhp titanium dioxide undecylenic acid urea vanadyl sulfate white beeswax xanthan gum zinc acetate zinc carbonate zinc chloride zinc citrate zinc gluconate zinc oxide zinc peroxide zinc stearate zinc sulphate zinc undecylenate (undecenoate)