Sodium Perborate

Synonyms: ...,

CAS Number: 7632-04-4 or 11138-47-9 (Anhydrous), - 10332-33-9 (Monohydrate) - 10486-00-7 (Tetrahydrate),

Molecular Weight: 81.82 Anhydrous, 99.81 Monohydrate, 153.86 Tetrahydrate,

Chemical Formula: BNaO3 Anhydrous, BNaO3.H2O Monohydrate, BNaO3 • 4H2O Tetrahydrate,

EINECS EC Number: 231-556-4 or 234-390-0 (Anhydrous, Monohydrate,

FEMA: ...

Sodium Perborate BP (Hydrated Sodium Perborate, Ph Eur monograph 1997)

NaBH2O4,3H2O --- 153.9 --- 7632-04-4


Content: 96.0 per cent to 103.0 per cent.

Appearance: Colourless, prismatic crystals or white or almost white powder, stable in the crystalline form.
Solubility: Sparingly soluble in water, with slow decomposition. It dissolves in dilute mineral acids.

A. Mix 1 ml of a saturated solution with a mixture of 1 ml of dilute sulphuric acid and 0.2ml of a 70 g/l solution of potassium dichromate, shake with 2 ml of ether and allow to stand. A blue colour is produced in the ether layer.
B. The mixture obtained by treating about 100 mg with 0.1 ml of sulphuric acid and 5 ml of methanol burns with a greenish flame when ignited.
C. It gives reaction of sodium.

Chlorides: Maximum 330 ppm.
Sulphates: Maximum 1.2 per cent.
Iron: Maximum 20 ppm.
Heavy metals: Maximum 10 ppm.