Synonyms: D-Glucurono-6,3-lactone, D-Glucurone, Glucuronolactone, D-(+)-Glucurono-6,3-lactone,

CAS Number: 32449-92-6,

Molecular Weight: 176.12,

Chemical Formula: C6H8O6,

EINECS EC Number: 251-053-3,

FEMA: ...

Glucuronolactone is a naturally occurring substance that is an important structural component of nearly all connective tissues. Glucuronolactone is also found in many plant gums. D-Glucuronolactone is a white solid odorless compound, soluble in hot and cold water. Glucuronolactone is metabolized to glucaric acid, xylitol, and L-xylulose, and humans may also be able to use glucuronolactone as a precursor for ascorbic acid synthesis. According to The Merck Index, it is also used as a detoxicant.

Specifications of Commercial Pure D-Glucuronolactone

Description: White crystalline powder
Identification: The IR spectrum of the sample should be concordant with that of standard.
Specific Optical Rotation (c=8 in water) at 20C: +17 to +20°
LOD: <0.5%
Purity: 98 to 102%