Zinc peroxide

Synonyms: Zinc Superoxide,

CAS Number: 1314-22-3,

Molecular Weight: 97.4,

Chemical Formula: ZnO2,

EINECS EC Number: ...,

FEMA: ...

Zinc peroxide (ZnO2) appears as a bright yellow powder at room temperature. It was historically used as a surgical antiseptic. More recently zinc peroxide has also been used as an oxidant in explosives and pyrotechnic mixtures.

Specifications of Zinc Peroxide

Synonym: Zinc Superoxide
CAS No.: 1314-22-3
Molecular Formula: ZnO2
Molecular Weight: 97.4
Description: An off-white to yellowish white color powder.
Solubility: Practically insoluble in water and organic solvents. Soluble in mineral acids.
Chloride: Max. 50ppm
Sulfate: Max. 50ppm
Active Oxygen: Min. 9.0%
Purity: 60 % minimum for regular grade. 80% minimum for premium grade.