Potassium Propionate

Synonyms: ...,

CAS Number: 327-62-8,

Molecular Weight: 112.17,

Chemical Formula: CH3CH2COO-K,

EINECS EC Number: 206-323-5,

FEMA: ...

Potassium Propionate is used as a food preservative and is represented by E number E283 in Europe and by the INS number 283 in Australia and New Zealand. Propionates prevent microbes growth like benzoates do. However, unlike benzoates, propionates do not require an acidic environment. Potassium propionate is used in bakery products as a mold inhibitor.

Specifications of Potassium Propionate

Description: White or colorless crystalline powder.
Solubility: Soluble in water and ethanol
pH: 7.5 - 10.5
Loss on Drying: Not more than 4%
Water insoluble matter: Not more than 0.1%
Iron as Fe: Not more than 30 ppm
Lead as Pb: Not more than 5 ppm
Assay (as C3H5KO2 on dry basis): Minimum 99%.