Potassium Oleate

Synonyms: Oleic acid potassium salt; Potassium 9-Octadecenoate,

CAS Number: 143-18-0,

Molecular Weight: 320.55,

Chemical Formula: CH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7COOK or C18H33KO2,

EINECS EC Number: 205-590-5,

FEMA: ...

We manufacture and supply Oleic acid, Sodium Oleate, Potassium Oleate, Ethyl Oleate, Glycerol Monooleate etc.

Potassium Oleate is a premium quality Potassium Soap of Fatty Acid / Oleic Acid in liquid form. It is water soluble and gives clear solution with distilled water. It can be supplied as powder, paste or liquid.
It has excellent emulsifying properties. It has low mammalian toxicity. It has no “creaming” effect. It is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly material. It acts as surfactants and reduces the surface tension of a liquid and prevents the ingredients in the products from separating into dispersed chemicals.
It is primarily used in Construction Chemicals for manufacturing of Cement Admixtures. It is also be used as rubber foaming agent, detergent, lubricant and catalyst. It can also be used in Submersibles. It is also used in the production of cleansing agent in household cleaning products.

Specifications of Potassium Oleate

Appearance: Clear Brown Liquid to Clear Amber Yellow Liquid depending on percentage of active matter.
Active Matter: 30% to 35 % and 40% to 45 %
Specific Gravity: 1.00-1.05
pH Value: 8 - 9
Solubility in Water: Completely soluble.

Potassium Oleate is also offered as white to beige 98% solid.