Ethyl Oleate

Synonyms: ...,

CAS Number: 111-62-6,

Molecular Weight: 310.52,

Chemical Formula: C20H38O2,

EINECS EC Number: 203-889-5,

FEMA: ...

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Ethyl oleate is a fatty acid ester formed by the condensation of oleic acid and ethanol. It is a colorless to light yellow liquid. Ethyl oleate is used as a solvent for pharmaceutical drug preparations involving lipophilic substances such as steroids. Ethyl oleate is regulated as a food additive by the Food and Drug Administration.

Ethyl Oleate USP NF Grade

C20H38O2 310.51 --- [111-62-6].
9-Octadecenoic acid, (Z)-, ethyl ester.

Ethyl Oleate consists of esters of ethyl alcohol and high molecular weight fatty acids, principally oleic acid.

Packaging and storage: Preserve in tight, light-resistant containers.
Specific gravity: between 0.866 and 0.874 at 20 .
Viscosity: not less than 5.15 centipoises.
Acid value: not more than 0.5.
Iodine value: between 75 and 85.
Saponification value: between 177 and 188.

Ethyl Oleate BP Ph Eur Grade is also offered.