Iron Sulfide

Synonyms: Iron Sulfide or Ferrous Sulphide,

CAS Number: 1317-37-9,

Molecular Weight: 87.91,

Chemical Formula: FeS,

EINECS EC Number: 215-268-6,

FEMA: ...

Iron Sulphide or Ferrous Sulfide offered as Lumps, Powder and Sticks. Only high quality product is offered.

Specifications of Iron Sulphide or Ferrous Sulfide

Iron Sulphide as FeS: 80-85%
Iron as Fe: 70-73%
Sulphur as S: 28-32%

Iron (II) sulfide is a chemical compound with the formula FeS. In practice, iron sulfides are often non-stoichiometric. Powdered iron sulfide is pyrophoric. FeS Ferrous Sulfide or Iron Sulphide can be obtained by reacting iron and sulfur. We can offer Ferrous Sulfide or Iron Sulphide in the form Sticks, Lumps and Powder.

Ferrous Di Sulphide (Iron Pyrites) (Lumps/Powder)

We are manufacturing Ferrous Di Sulphide in Technical, Pure & LR Grade. Iron Sulphide available in Lumps and Powder. It has CAS number: 12068-85-8 and EC Number 235-106-8 with Molecular Weight 119.98 and Chemical Formula FeS2. The synthetic product is generally classed as mildly hazardous.

Iron Pyrite CAS number 1309-36-0 and EC Number 215-167-7 with Molecular Weight 119.98 is a very common mineral (also one of the most common natural sulfides, and the most common disulfide). The brassy-yellow metallic colour of pyrite has in many cases lead to people mistaking it for Gold, hence the common nickname 'Fool's gold'. The product is generally classed as non hazardous.